Archive Keep #

Keep your files archived on multiple places, in a reliable and simple way.


Access your archived files directly without any external tool.

The archivekeep only facilitates archivation process.


Protect against single point of failure and other causes of data loss.

Preserve archived files in original unchanged form.

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Enable own choice of storage, a hosting provider, by open technologies.

Store copies on offline HDDs, phone, servers, NAS, or even multiple cloud providers.

Offline storages

Replicate your archive contents asynchronously to offline storages such as external HDDs.

Safe replication

The replication process prevents propagation of redactions, deletions, corrupted or destructive changes.


Verify integrity of stored files using digital checksums.

Optional server

Store files on immediately accessible server, i.e. NAS.

See about for more information and details.

Install #

This software is still under development.

However, the custom data is stored separately from files in a hidden directory for metadata in the root of archive directory. Therefore, getting rid of this program should be easy - just delete the metadata in a hidden directory.

See install docs.

Pricing #

This is an open-source software, and it is free and will be free, to use the tool and self-host a server.

The source code is available on github.

Warranty #

Although author desires to make the system 100% bulletproof to prevent loss of own data. This is open-source software, and it is made available for free, and comes with no warranty.

License #

The project is licensed under Apache License, which allows proprietary use. See LICENSE file for more details.